Samsung Repair

Using only GENUINE Samsung replacement screens, we are fully capable of restoring your cracked screen to its original condition (as good as new).


  • LCD replacement
  • Shattered/ cracked screen repairs
  • Water damage repairs
  • Charging problems
  • Button repairs
  • Board issues


  • Samsung S20 / S20 Plus
  • Samsung S10 / S10 Plus
  • Samsung S9 / S9 Plus
  • Samsung S8 / S8 Plus
  • Samsung S7 /S7 Edge
  • Samsung S6 / S6 Edge
  • Samsung S5
  • Samsung Note 10 plus
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Samsung Note 8
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung Note 4


S20, S20 plus , S10, S10 plus, S9, S9 plus, S8, S8+, S7 edge, S7 OLED, Note 5 to Note 9 crack glass OLED screen repairs.

What we do, we simply do it better

At Atomware, we do it the Samsung way. The right way.
No internal bubbles, no press marks when using.
All sealant and tapes replaced are of original quality. We do not use normal double-sided tape with normal glue.

What you need to know

Many repair shops claim they can replace your Samsung OLED glass, when in fact, they will replace your screen with refurbished/rebuilt glass from third party suppliers. Having a refurnished glass replaced does not adhere to the same quality assurance as Samsung Factory OLED screen. Moreover, refurnished screens tend to be less durable, and especially if an inexperienced technician were to replace them.

You WILL lose the value as well as the warranty of your phone. Before you get yours repaired, make sure to ask them the right questions.

At Atomware, we’ll perform the replacement in-house using GENIUNE Samsung OLED screen.

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