Apple Devices Repair

iPad & Mac

Genuine Parts available

Premium workmanship

30 to 90 days warranty


All generations

Apple Certified Parts or Third Party Parts

30 to 90 days warranty

watch & iPod

Same day repair

Revive your old device

30 to 90 days warranty

Our Daily works

Basic iphone repairs like replacing the lcd screens and battery are works we do daily. More complex issues are revving the water damage logic boards, fixing connection issues on network and data recovery.

Damaged iphone data recovery

Nothing is too small of a job for us.

iPods repair , battery , lcd and SSD
iPods! more iPODS!
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Macbook iMac Services

iPod repair and refurbish

We carry parts for ipod nano, ipod video, ipod classic and ipod touch

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The apple family

Tire Dressing - $3

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